For the feature film, Rock of Ages, Warner Bros. wanted an innovative social media campaign that captured the energy of a live performance. Rock concerts are all about the fan’s live interaction with the artists. The approach was to create that same experience in this highly ambitious project.

Warner Bros.

Producer • Director • Visual Design • Motion Design

Rock of Ages Facebook

Over the course of three days, we asked users for song ideas via Twitter and Facebook. Using our innovative "round-robin" style of production, we delievered customized video performances at an incredible rate. In real time, we composed, rehearsed, filmed, edited and delievered the custom performance back to the user in less than a half-hour.

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Director & Talent Concepts

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Compose Music

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Rehearsal & Blocking

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Transfer & Editing

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Director's Approval

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Add Bumper To Final Edit

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Video Uploaded

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